International Dinner 27/06/2019

Get excited! StudIT’s fourth International Dinner is nearly there!

It is going to take place on the 27th of June at the Martinssaal (Frischlinstrasse 35) at 8pm. Some of you will know the location by then from the Swabian Dinner.


To make sure that we all have a wonderful evening, it would be great if you could contribute something from your home countries to the evening.

We would be happy if you could bring some specialties from your countries. Please feel motivated to cook your favourite dishes.

You don’t need to cook for twenty people but we’re sure that more than three people would like to try your delicious dishes and no one gets satisfied from dessert only. 😉

You don’t want to cook on your own? Check if there are other people you can cook with! Feel free to use the Facebook group for this.

Do you want to perform anything? Do you want to dance a dance or like to teach us one? Do you want to sing a song? Do you want to read a poem or tell a story (you’re welcome to do it in your language)?

Tell us your ideas!

Please let us know what you want to cook or perform until the 24th of June. This way we can plan accordingly. You can do this either via Facebook or E-Mail.

We’re super excited and cannot wait to have a wonderful time with all of you!

You can register here.

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