Virtual Regulars Table 05/06/2020

Hey everyone!

This Friday there will be another Regulars Table! It starts at 1pm via skype.

Feel free to join a fun conversation about pretty much everything. Grab a snack and a drink and find a comfortable spot.

As usual, everyone is welcome!  International Students in Tübingen, buddies or if you’re just interested, feel free to join.

The event starts at 1 pm on Friday. We will post the link for Skype soon at our social medai platforms.


What? Virtual regulars Table

When? 05/06/2020 1 pm

Where? find a cozy spot with a strong Wifi connection.



We hope to see you there!

Virtual Regulars Table 28/05/2020

Hey everyone!

The time for our virtual regulars table has come again! Join us this Thursday at 17.00 pm CET for some games, talking and enjoying a nice cold, well earned drink after a long day ?

Everyone is welcome at our regulars table so tell your friends! Stop by if you are or were an international student in Tübingen, a buddy or someone who just wants to try this out.

We’ll post the link to the call on our Instagram and Facebook page on Thursday! We look forward to seeing you then ?


What? Virtual regulars table via Skype.

When? Thursday the 28/05 at 17.00 pm.

Where? Wherever you’re most comfortable with a good wifi connection.

How? We’ll post the link to the call on Instagram and Facebook on Thursday.

Netflix Viewing Party Nr.2 on 22/05/2020

Hey everyone!

Sadly the movie theatres are still closed and not everyone has the luxury of owning a car to experience the Tübingen drive-in movie theatre, so our team decided to host an event that will give you the next best thing!

The next Netflix Viewing Party will take place on Friday the 22/05/20 at 18.00 pm! You can vote on which movie we’ll all watch together on Thursday the 21/05/20 on our Instagram story.

Since this week’s StudIT challenge is all about travel, we want to go on a trip with you to Paris by watching “The da Vinci Code” or all the way to Singapore with “Crazy Rich Asians”.

All you need to participate is:

  1. Download the free Netflix Party extension here (so that we can chat together!)
  2. Get your favourite snacks and drinks to complete the whole movie effect.
  3. Find the comfiest place in your apartment and enjoy!

The Link to join the fun:

We’ll also post the Link for the Viewing Party on our Instagram story on Friday shortly before it all starts.

Be sure to check out our website, instagram and facebook pages regularly for events, challenges and more!

Stay healthy and see you soon!

Your StudIT-Team.

Virtual Alumni Regulars’ Table 19/05/2020

Do you yearn for your time in Tübingen? Looking to see all your friends again? Well we have just the thing for you!

We’re hosting our first Virutal Alumni Regulars’s Table!

Of course everyone is welcome – whether you were in Tübingen years ago, last semester or are still in Tübingen; Buddies of course too!

Interested? So sign up here! We’ll send you the videochat links shortly before the event!

What? Virtual Alumni Regulars’ Table

When? Tuesday, 19/05/2020; 6pm

Where? Wherever there is Internet

Cards Against Humanity 15/05/2020

Hey guys, we want to invite you to a fun game night on Friday, May 15th 2020. At 4 PM we will be ready to play Cards Against Humanity online.

There will be only 15 spots, due to technical reasons, so be fast and make sure to sign up here!

What? Virtual Cards Against Humanity

When? 4pm, 15/05.2020

Where? Anywhere you want (you just need a stable internet connection)

How? Sign up here and we will send you a link to join.

Virtual Regulars Table #3 12/05/20

Hey everyone!

Since we had so much fun with you guys at our last regulars table, we’ve decided to host another one this Tuesday the 12/05 at 12.00 pm noon! So grab a drink or a snack and look for the spot at home with the best Wifi connection 😉

Just like all of our other events, everyone is welcome! International Students in Tübingen (or who were supposed to be in Tübingen), buddies or anyone who is interested should join us 🙂

Important notice: Due to technical restrictions we only have 15 open spots! What are you waiting for?? Sign up now!

We’ll kick things off at 12 pm noon. All you have to do is sign up on our page and we’ll send you the Skype- Link before we begin.

What? Virtual Regular’s Table via Skype

When? 12/05 at 12 pm noon.

Where? Find a comfortable spot with a strong Wifi connection

How? Sign up here and we’ll take care of the rest!

We hope to see you there!!

Virtual Regular’s Table #2 06/05/2020

We’re hosting another virutal regular’s table – everyone is welcome to join, whether you’re an International Student in Tübingen, or were supposed to be Tübingen, a Buddy, or just interested 🙂 !


The fun begins at 5 pm; You can either grab the first cold beer of the day and, well, call it a day, or you can grab a cup of coffee and recharge before getting back to work – dealer’s choice 😉

You can sign up here and we will send you the Skype link shortly before the meeting.

Attention! Due to the technical restrictions we’re only offering 15 spots – so sign up now!


What? Virutal Regular’s Table via Skype

When? 5pm, 06/05/2020

Where? Wherever there is a stable internet connection

How? Just sign up here and we’ll send you the link



Netflix Party 24/04/2020

Hey everyone!

Since all movie theatres will be closed until further notice because of Covid-19, your StudIT-Team has decided to host an online Netflix viewing party on Friday the 24.04.2020 at 8pm.

It’s up to you to decide which movie we’ll be watching by voting on our Instagram page on Thursday the 23.04.2020.

If you want to join, you’ll need a few things:

  1. Please download the Netflix Party extension online for free.
  2. Get your favourite movie snacks.
  3. Grab a comfortable place at home and enjoy the movie!

To join click on this link and then click on the Netflix Party Logo (“NP” next to the URL)


Be sure to check out our website, instagram and facebook pages regularly for events, challenges and more!

Stay healthy and see you soon!

Your StudIT-Team.

Virtual Regulars Table 22/04/2020

For the beginning of the semester there will be another regulars table. Because of the given circumstances it will be realized in digital/virtual form.

You can get to know each other while drinking a cold beer, some good wine or while sipping a delicious cocktail – all with the comfort of you own home.

We’ll meet up next Wednesday, 22. April at 6 pm.

You can join us then via this link which is also posted on Facebook and Instagram.


See You there!

Your StudIT-Team