Stuttgart Trip 12/01/2019

!!! NEW TIME !!!


If you haven’t been to the capital of the best “Bundesland” (aka Baden-Württemberg) yet this is your chance! And even if you already have been, this is your chance to go with StudIT 😉

Besides having all the stores a shopping trip could desire, Stuttgart also hosts not only the Mercedes Benz Museum but also the Haus der Geschichte. The first one is not only for all car enthusiasts a must do with its unique collection of beautiful vintage cars and the latest models, but there is much more to discover, from spectacular architecture to a great overview of German history. If you’re less of a car geek but still want to learn something about the history of Baden-Württemberg and Germany in general the Haus der Geschichte is the place for you, with it’s detailed exhibit starting in the 18th century all the way to today.

Please tell us while paying at our office hour to which museum you want to go! This way we can organise the trip better 🙂

After we have “fed our minds with knowledge” we will have time to reward ourselves with a little shopping spree. If shopping isn’t your thing you can also use the time to discover the city of Stuttgart.

We will be back in Tübingen at roughly 9 pm.


When? 12/01/19 2.45 pm
Where? Waiting hall of the train station Tübingen (Please bring your semester ticket or your Student ID (with Naldo logo) along, for the Naldo Gebiet!)
Cost? 4€

If you want to sign up you can do that here.

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