Welcome to Tübingen!

A new adventure awaits you in our beautiful city, and how better to get to know your new home, than a city rallye.

Our first event this semester is designed to give you a little insight to Tübingen. Just like the Amazing Race (in smaller scale) you will be competing in teams to finish the challenges and questions. The winners will obviously get a special prise at the End.

It is a fun way of meeting new people and learning to navigate your way around town, not to mention the fun facts about Tübingen you pick up along the way.

The Event will be outside, but at the beginning we will meet up in a larger group.

We have limited participation spots so go and register quickly!

Once you’ve signed up with your e-mail and/or phone number we will let you know as soon as possible where we will meet up.

Short summary:

WHAT?            City rallye

 WHEN?           Tuesday, 19.04.2022 at 16 o’clock

 WHERE?        We will let you know via e-mail/ text message/ etc.

 COST?              Absolutely nothing, you  must only register beforehand

We are looking forward to see you there!