Ikea trip 25.04.2022

Hey everyone! Now that you have arrived in Tübingen and have hopefully setteled in, you will probably notice that there is still something missing in your room, kitchen or bath, in terms of decoration or useful utensils. To make your dorm or flat here cozier we have planned a trip to Ikea. Because of the fact, that we use public transport to get there, you have to pay the travel costs yourself, which will be approx. 9€. If you decide to buy something you have to pay it on your own. Please register in advance as places are limited. Once you’ve signed up with your e-mail and/or phone number we will let you know as soon as possible where we will meet up. Short summary: WHAT?           Ikea Ausflug / Ikea trip WHEN?         Wednesday, 25.04.2022 at 12:00 o’clock WHERE?       We will let you know via e-mail/ text message/ etc. COST?            travel costs 9€ + own expenses We are looking forward to see you there! 😊