Booked out!! Trip to Heidelberg 12/10/2019

There are no more spots left!!

Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany in definitely worth a visit – therefore, we will travel to the former residential City of Heidelberg by bus!

We will get a guided tour through the baroque historic City (tours in English and German available). After that, you will have time to explore the city on your own and visit places such as the “Thingstätte”, Heidelberg Castle or the oldest university in Germany.
We will return to Tübingen at around 7 pm.

When? Saturday, October 12th at 7.40 am (bus leaves at 8 am sharp!)
Where? Tübingen main bus Station, bus platform D
Costs? 15 €


(You can register here. With your registration you accept our conditions of participation.)

It is absolutely necessary that you pay (or a friend of yours) on the next consultation hour after your registration! If you do not you can lose your spot. You can only pay cash.

Consultation hours:

07.10. 12-2 pm
08.10. 12-2 pm
09.10. 12-3 pm
11.10. 12-2 pm

Every consultation hour will be held in our office, Wilhelmstraße 9, 1st floor (up the stairs, then take a left).

P.S.: We apologize for the later opening of the registration, there were technical difficulties.

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