O’zapft is! – Do, 28.10 Oktoberfest in Jäger

Hey guys!

Only because the government forbade the yearly Oktoberfest it doesn’t mean that we have to miss it. Therfore, on Thursday, the 28st of october 2021 we will meet up in Jäger to celebrate. If you can, try to wear a Dirndl or Lederhosen! Otherwise something with squares would be nice.

We will meet at 7pm at the Stiftskirche in Tübingen. You can join us in Jäger anytime during the evening.

We are also following the so called 3G rule in Germany (Geimpft, Getestet or Genesen) so please provide proof of a negative Covid-19 Test (less than 24h old), OR proof of vaccination (digitally or printed out) OR proof of already having had the virus (digitally or printed out) at the meeting point of this event. 

We are looking foreward to seeing you soon!

StudIT – Team